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Linnworks enables businesses to manage their multichannel inventory, orders, and fulfilment from a centralised platform and provides insights across sales channels and operations. With access to 100+ integrations and automated inventory and order management, their ecommerce inventory and order management software streamlines processes for enhanced productivity.

Why We Partner with Linnworks

Virtualstock and Linnworks have partnered to extend the benefits Virtualstock provides to blue-chip retailers and their supplier network. This collaboration introduces an additional layer of automation, ensuring that all parties have the necessary visibility to operate and scale their respective businesses efficiently.

Virtualstock’s SaaS platform enables retailers and suppliers to connect with minimal integration and changes to existing processes. The Linnworks connection adds an additional layer that ensures complete visibility and transparency for retailers regarding the status of orders from their supplier network.

By adding the Linnworks layer alongside Virtualstock, suppliers get a better chance of compliance with the core requirements of the retailer. Through the Linnworks platform, suppliers will be in a position to streamline processes and ensure the retailer is in a position to uphold their promise to the customer.

The operational simplicity of the Virtualstock platform, combined with the automation functionality provided by Linnworks gives suppliers time back to focus on their core business. The order management capabilities mitigate risks in the fulfilment process, rendering download/upload tasks fully automated, thereby reducing time spent and improving accuracy.





Company Size Supported  

All - from small businesses to enterprises


Automating a connection to market leading retailers is no longer a luxury, it is a must. Therefore, the partnership with Virtualstock couldn't have come at a better time. In order to achieve smoother retail experiences for all, Linnworks and Virtualstock can now work together in order to meet ever-evolving customer demands. With this partnership, we are demonstrating our commitment to helping businesses conquer the complexities of multichannel selling and achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.

Chris Timmer

CEO, Linnworks

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