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How Bradfords Building Supplies Revolutionised Their Ecommerce Strategy

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Bradfords Group, a renowned building supplies company based in Yeovil, Somerset, has been a trusted player in the construction industry for an impressive 253 years. With 46 branches across the southwest region and a workforce of around 900 employees, Bradfords has established itself as a reliable provider of building materials and services.

In this case study we explore the details of how Bradfords is at the forefront of ecommerce technology, leveraging Virtualstock to enhance their customer experience, drive sales growth and streamline operations.

Life before Virtualstock: The Context & Challenges 

Before the implementation of Virtualstock, Bradfords faced several challenges that affected their customer experience, business growth and operational processes.

The changing needs of customers' expectations for stock availability, information on products and overall online experience also meant that a new way of further transforming their ecommerce strategy was required.

The chaos in tracking and logging deliveries, leading to frustration among both the internal teams and customers. The lack of visibility and management control over deliveries necessitated the adoption of a platform that could address these issues and improve customer satisfaction and sales.

Life with Virtualstock: Enhancing Ecommerce and Adapting to the New Customer Experience

Virtualstock was implemented as part of the company’s overall enhanced e-commerce strategy to grow their revenue and exponentially improve the online customer experience, resulting in online business growth. 

Dropshipping accounts for 18% of Bradfords total turnover and 25% of their e-commerce segment, with this area growing fast. Dropship enabled Bradfords to expand their product range dramatically, offering 11,000 additional SKUs online, predominantly in the landscaping category. 

The aim is to see e-commerce and dropship contribute up to 50% of their turnover in the next five years, indicating the significant role these channels will play in Bradfords future growth. By leveraging Virtualstock's platform, Bradfords vision for e-commerce may seem ambitious but is achievable. 

Streamlining Operations

The platform also facilitated seamless order and supplier management with automated reports and real-time tracking, the team could proactively address any issues such as late deliveries and promptly communicate with suppliers to gather further information. This enhanced visibility not only improved customer satisfaction but also allowed Bradfords to manage their suppliers effectively and ensure accurate inventory updates.

Virtualstock's all-in-one solution consolidated all essential processes, making order and supplier management significantly easier for Bradfords teams.

Facts and Figures: Leveraging Virtualstock for Success

  • Bradfords dropship segment, powered by Virtualstock, represents 25% of their e-commerce turnover, with the goal of reaching 50% in the coming years.
  • Through dropship integration, Bradfords has expanded their online product range to include over 11,000 SKUs, enhancing their offering to customers beyond their physical branches.
  • Virtualstock's platform has transformed Bradfords operations, providing visibility, control, and improved customer experience.
  • The implementation of Virtualstock has resulted in streamlined delivery tracking, efficient supplier management, and reduced overselling.


Bradfords Building Supplies has successfully revolutionised their e-commerce to meet the changing demands of their customers. Through the implementation of Virtualstock's platform, Bradfords achieved an overall improved customer experience, growth in ecommerce revenue, expanded their product range through dropship and also benefited from operational improvements within the business.

As they continue to leverage technology and adapt to market trends, Bradfords remains at the forefront of the building supplies industry, delivering excellence in both their physical branches and the digital realm.

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