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AfterShip, founded in 2012 after triumphing at the Startup Weekend Hong Kong 2011 and Global Startup Battle 2011, is a SaaS platform designed to ignite customer loyalty and engagement for ecommerce brands and retailers. This dynamic platform offers a comprehensive range of tools including email automation, SMS marketing, product reviews, and shipment tracking. 

Boasting a customer base exceeding 17,000, AfterShip serves prominent brands such as TOMS, Kylie Cosmetics, Gymshark, DIME Beauty, and Harry’s. Recognized as a Retail Technology Power Player by Business Insider, AfterShip collaborates with over 1,000 carriers globally.

Why We Partner with AfterShip

Virtualstock's integration with AfterShip enables our dropshipping clients to benefit from complete visibility into the final mile of the delivery journey. With AfterShip Tracking, tracking details are automatically updated and communicated to the customer, benefiting both the retailer and the supplier in terms of time saved. AfterShip Tracking's direct extraction of tracking data from carriers eliminates the need for manual updates by suppliers. Retailers benefit from customisable tracking pages and shipping status emails. From the end-customer's perspective, this creates a seamless experience, enabling them to easily track their shipment and anticipate its arrival time. Such transparency fosters trust and loyalty, and helps to boost CSAT scores.


Worldwide with over 1150 carriers available.


English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

Company Size Supported  

Enterprise (>1-2 million orders annually)

Company website

Virtualstock uses the AfterShip Tracking API/webhooks to pull carrier updates that we feed into our retail clients. The retailer can utilise these carrier updates to keep the end-customer informed about the progress of their order. This automation effectively saves time for both the retailer and suppliers since suppliers no longer need to manually provide delivery confirmation. The visibility also serves as an enablement tool for the retailer’s customer service teams to quickly identify and resolve any issues with deliveries.

Ben Heath

Senior Supplier Relationship Manager

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