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We’ve brought cutting-edge consumer style supply chain technology to the health sector

An open, accessible platform that is interoperable with existing systems

Virtualstock has two platforms available for the health sector. Framespan, the only consolidated directory of all NHS frameworks, saving hospitals time and minimising internal waivers; and Edge4Health, a catalogue management system used by over 25 trusts to improve data quality and pricing accuracy.

Across healthcare there are numerous legacy systems that work in many different ways. Our system is open, accessible, and interoperable with existing systems, whatever data you are currently using.

All 23,000 suppliers on our system include barcodes (GTINs) in the data we hold which means that product re-call, for example, is an immediate and efficient process. Our platform means that users can communicate effectively, and always be in sight of up-to-date information, pricing and availability.

Virtualstock's platforms save procurement teams time and increase procurement compliance. Whether it is product data, frameworks, inventory levels or orders, Virtualstock's platforms bring all the data into one, consolidated, compliant format to deliver efficiency and value to the NHS.

Approved suppliers benefit from being able to give the health sector access to rich, detailed information and accurate pricing from their entire catalogue, negating potential problems with reconciliation and reducing queries. Administration is easier, quicker and smoother.

4 million products 5 million yearly orders 5 thousand suppliers 30 thousand users 4 million products 5 million yearly orders 5 thousand suppliers 30 thousand users

4 million products 5 million yearly orders 5 thousand suppliers 30 thousand users 4 million products 5 million yearly orders 5 thousand suppliers 30 thousand users

Why choose Virtualstock?

By introducing The Edge4Health, the health sector can, for the first time, benefit from all the precise information and images we’ve come to expect from consumer sites. It’s the only platform that includes groundbreaking, government-accredited cyber security technology and is secure to ISO standards. It’s technology at its best coupled with an incredibly friendly team whose knowledge and expertise are second to none.

There’s an exciting future to be discovered with our platform, take control and see what huge rewards it will bring to the efficiency and success of your procurement process.

Premier Decorations use a combination of the Virtualstock front-end and their supplier APIs to seamlessly exchange data with our retail clients. When migrating to the Virtualstock platform we see a reduction in administration time, over orders, cancellations and queries from the retailer, as well as an increase in sales over time! We are always pleased to hear when a retailer we work with tells us they are moving to Virtualstock.

Nick Chrispin

Commercial Director, Premier Decorations

Digital supply chain is a hot topic, and for good reason. Virtualstock delivers an agile supply chain technology platform that allows its clients to quickly adapt to the challenges of digitisation without turning to traditional systems integrations, thereby reducing cost and risk while accelerating benefits. Virtualstock has already demonstrated this in two important sectors and has accumulated an impressive portfolio of clients. We believe Virtualstock is another UK technology success story.

Stephen Chandler

Managing Partner at Notion Capital