Dropship Management for Enterprise Retail

Now available for SMEs!

Increase Sales Without Risk

More product choice means more online customers, and more sales. THE EDGE® is a complete dropship management platform that allows you to quickly scale up your product offering through extended range without risk.

THE EDGE includes a module for identifying new dropship suppliers and products. Selected suppliers can then efficiently induct their products and publish them to your systems. This ensures data quality and consistency from supplier to website, and the ability for suppliers to get the data to you in the correct format – significantly reducing your time to market.

THE EDGE® gives you the chance to sell more now, without risk of unsold stock in the future.

Originally developed for Enterprise retailers, our best in class dropship solution is now available out-of-the-box for SME’s, and ready to go within the hour!

Improve Customer Experience

Running a successful extended range channel requires total visibility of supplier operations. THE EDGE® gives you up-to-date stock, order status and delivery status across all channels. Reliable stock levels ensures no overselling. Smoother supplier operations means less calls to Customer Service, and less cost.

Where there are calls, your Customer Service team can give first time responses to WISMO calls – and the ability to proactively reach out when issues do arise. THE EDGE® helps your Customer Service team reach their potential.

Furthermore, THE EDGE® allows you to mirror your stocked-in customer experience by offering Click & Collect, as well as Return2Store functionality for your extended ranges.

Happy customers mean loyal customers – THE EDGE® delivers both for less!

Multi Channels in One

THE EDGE® allows you to manage all your orders on one platform. Our APIs will connect orders from your website, and other sales channels, to your warehouses, dropship suppliers and marketplace sellers.

On THE EDGE® your Operations and Customer Service teams can view order status and delivery status – and be notified when suppliers perform below your SLAs, and when carriers fail to deliver.

Suppliers, sellers and your own distribution centres can provide regular stock level updates, which THE EDGE® publishes to your website – so you never oversell.

You can also connect your store network to THE EDGE®, so stores can report their stock position, and store colleagues can place orders in-store for customers.

THE EDGE® is your multi channel connector. Get plugged in. The only limit is your imagination!

The EDGE for Dropship is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides a centralised place for retailers to efficiently exchange product and order data with their suppliers. It is a modular system consisting of Order Management, Product Information Management and Stock Management. The EDGE is hosted on IBM public cloud IaaS.