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The Healthcare Marketplace

The Healthcare Marketplace

The Edge4Health, (E4H) is a comprehensive healthcare marketplace that has been co-created by Virtualstock and industry experts including Major NHS hospitals and NHS SBS.

Providing complete visibility and management of products, pricing, orders and invoices, E4H delivers enormous value to healthcare providers, following the principles set out the Carter Report.

E4H has been adopted by many of the largest organizations in the healthcare market and is growing by the day.


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System Interoperability

E4H connects and operates with your existing systems, meaning that you can quickly recognize the benefits without long and complex integration projects.

E4H is modular, allowing you to adopt the platform at your own pace and in your own way.

Whether it is a stand-alone catalogue solution, punch-out/ integration to your existing systems or a full, end-to-end P2P solution that you are looking for, E4H will meet your needs.

Purchase to Pay

Make informed purchasing decisions and have full data control and visibility from throughout the order lifecycle.

Rich product data, GDSN compliant
Accurate pricing and approval workflow
Flexible delivery options and rates
Procurement authorization workflow
Supplier order updates – pre-dispatch
Carrier updates – post dispatched
Invoice three-way matching
Returns & Cancellations workflow


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