The tools to ensure you sell, manage & comply – across today’s

demanding retail supply chains.

The Retail platform that gives you THE EDGE®

Upload and Sell More

Upload your product catalogue on EDGE EXPO and immediately get in front of UK retailers looking to sell dropship products.

In a few steps you can list your full product catalogue and showcase your current and future product ranges. Buyers will instantly see the quality of your product data and images.

Buyers can view your company profile, connect with your sales team, and message for pricing. In turn, yours sales team can recommend selected product ranges to buyers.

Buyers are waiting! Join the UK’s premier listing of dropship-ready products now. EDGE EXPO has all the benefits of a retail trade show – but it’s online 24/7!

You can also find out how to list your products on the NHS marketplace with EDGE4Health®


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Better Operational Efficiency

Imagine if you could consolidate orders across all sales channels in one simple to use platform. With THE EDGE® you can.

With THE EDGE® you can see the order status for ALL your orders across ALL channels. Immediately your Operations teams can see which orders have issues, and your Customer Service team will have visibility to answer queries instantly – including the order delivery status from the carriers you use.

You manage orders through THE EDGE® user interface individually, in bulk via spreadsheet import, or automatically by connecting to our APIs.

Better operations means happy customers, at less cost!

Get Cyber Secure

Your IT systems and processes must comply with GDPR regulations where you provide a Direct2Customer channel for your retail clients. Retailers are obliged to conduct due diligence before they onboard you as a supplier. A bad risk profile will clearly jeopardise your chances.

EDGE EXPO is now offering a cyber security service where you can monitor your risk profile across a number of measures – provided by the only government accredited cyber threat intelligence company in the UK. In many cases minor IT systems changes can improve your score. In any event it is better to know what issues are flagged, so you can take steps to remedy them before you and your customers are compromised.

Knowledge is power. Know your Cyber Risk with EDGE EXPO!


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